Translation of video and audio

Translation from audio and video media is a combination of oral and written translation. This type of translation is considered to be quite difficult because in order to obtain an adequate result, the performer shall not only be a professional in the area of written translation, but also have a good professional hearing. The translation is performed in several stages. First it is necessary to decipher the original sound track, i.e. to make a transcript. Then the translation itself is performed. Then a literary translator adapts the phrases so that they meet the length of the original text and articulation of the actors. If the translation is adequate, the jokes are translate with jokes and poems are translated in poems.

This type of translation is mostly wanted in advertisements and movie industry. Written translation is more convenient for exchange and transfer, since a sound track can be indistinct or in the pace too quick for the listener. It is frequently used for creation of subtitles. We can provide you with the translation indicating time intervals (time codes) and/or split by roles and ready for the following voicing. The price of the service depends on the distinctness of speech, the pace, complexity and subject matter.

Transcript of one minute of record:

– from Ukrainian/Russian – 5 UAH;

– from English – 30 UAH;

– from other languages – upon request.

Then the price of the translation is calculated based on the usual prices for the written translation.