Urgent translation

Urgent translation is an excellent solution for force majeure circumstances when the translation was required yesterday but the customer remembered of it only today. The translation is considered to be urgent if less than 24 hours pass from the moment of the order and submission of the ready work, and the volume is over 10 standard pages. The term of performing urgent translation is calculated as follows. Divide the number of standard pages into 20 and the fraction is the number of days required for performing the translation. If you still need to get the translation earlier, we will apply our best efforts to perform the translation within your deadline. In case your term is insufficient, we will offer you the shortest possible term so that not to impair the quality. Then right after confirmation of the order a group of translators start working on your translation, and editing is performed in course of translation, which allows to substantially save the time for translation without sacrificing the quality. Even with short deadline we DO NOT use machine translation (e.g., Google translation) with following editing on principle, we submit 100% human translation.

We can perform urgent translation of standard documents within 30 minutes from receipt of a prepayment or, if you are present in person, after confirmation of the order. Urgent translation costs twice the price of usual translation due to the increased volume of work and short deadline. Double tariff applies neither to certification with a seal of the translation agency not to notarial certification.