Translation of personal documents

As a rule, translation of personal documents is required to obtain a visa, a residential permit or to receive citizenship in another country, or for entrance into Ukraine. Since they are official legal documents, translation mistakes can have consequences unpleasant to the client, for example, visa denial, doubts when crossing the border, presenting documents to customs, consulate and other authorities), including to confusion in person identification. Translation Center of Research and Business Documents quickly and proficiently performs translation of standard (certificates, references, passports) and non-standard (supplements to diploma, excerpts from medical records) personal documents.

As a rule, all personal documents after translation are certified by notary or with a seal of translation agency, depending on where they are submitted to. Some governmental authorities and embassies require only certification with a seal of translation agency, some – notarial certification, while other – its legalization as well. We use European standards while formatting personal documents, that is why you can be sure that the documents translated by us will be accepted abroad. Hereby we maintain absolute confidentiality.