Certified translation

Notary certification is performed for various documents. Most frequently they are personal documents, certificates, diploma and supplements thereto, agreements, powers of attorney, incorporating and accounting documents, etc.

Certified translation can be performed by a certified translator only, since it is an essential condition of its certification by a notary. The presence of translator’s diploma plays a crucial role, because a philologist’s diploma does not entitle the holder to perform a certified translation. When certifying the translation, a notary certifies the translator’s signature and his qualification, and the translator with his signature certifies the accuracy and correctness of the translation performed.

Certified translation of a document is only possible if the documents has all necessary features and complies with the requirements existing for official documents, such as wet stamp, signature, outgoing number, and in some cases – apostille and consular legalization. Besides that, a notary will need an original of the document or certified copy.