Legal translation

Virtually all legal relations between legal entities and natural persons are accompanied by examination and drawing up of documents. In order to work with them, a translator shall have an excellent command of source and target languages, correctly use the professional vocabulary, and understand the peculiarities of the legal systems of both domestic state and the one to the jurisdiction of which the documents belong. The unambiguousness of wordings used in the legal and legislative documentation with all its shades of meaning plays a crucial role, since inaccurate translation of legally meaningful text and even the slightest misreadings in interpretation of special terms can have far-reaching negative legal consequences.

Translation of the following documents is considered to be legal translation:

  • certificates, powers of attorney, licenses, apostilles;
  • incorporation and corporate documents of legal entities, contracts, memoranda and agreements;
  • procedural documents (lawsuits, entries of judgements, etc.);
  • laws, regulatory legal acts and their drafts;
  • special literature from the field of jurisprudence.

We pay particular attention to the quality of our translations. The translations are performed only by professional translators having a legal education or vast experience in translating legal texts. Each document is carefully checked by a lawyer for adequacy and by an editor for consistency of terminology.

Sample of translation of the legal text from English into Ukrainian:

Sample of translation of the legal text from English into Ukrainian